Night Verses @ Chain Reaction

The guys from Night Verses payed Anaheim a visit on their tour with Letlive last Tuesday night. Eduardo got some shots of them during their set and some in the greenroom while they prepared. He said “I could feel the excitement in the air” as Douglas, Aric, Nick, & Reilly prepared to go on.
The group opened up the show by playing their hit “I’ve lost my way back down” off their ‘Out Of The Sky' EP (which is available for download for free HERE) The band made their second to last stop in Anaheim in what is a pretty close to home show for the band as they reign from Los Angeles, CA. They played a few new songs for us and played the ‘Out Of The Sky' EP in it’s entirety, the crowd certainly enjoyed the sound and flow to their stuff. The Music all flows so perfectly, from the guitar riffs’, to the blasts in the drums, to the powerful yet subtle screams in the vocals. They all blend as one and simply make you want to jump up and scream. You could feel the intensity of the vocals and instruments spilling onto the crowd, the crowd erupted by the end. Night Verses simply did not disappoint. ”Great music, great people, great night all around” said Eduardo. 

Go check out the rest of the shots of Night Verses that night up on Eduardo’s Facebook page HERE.

Be sure to check ‘em out on facebook here & also download their free EP here.

Eduardo also got the chance to hang out & to Douglas the vocalist, about the band and it’s future plans and what we’ll expect to see in the coming future. That will be up soon.


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